About Malkera

Malkera is a small census town in Dhanbad District, located just 20 kms away from main city of Dhanbad. Owing to its growing population and small but growing pockets of industries, Malkera Town is widely considered as one of the fastest emerging towns of Dhanbad District. Below we’ve brought forth many vital information’s about this emerging town, which will give you a much wider picture and better understanding about this town.

About Malkera

Economy of Malkera

Malkera town obviously does not have as many industrial plants as neighboring city Dhanbad has. Nonetheless, it does have quite a few factories that are providing employment to many locals here. This includes chain of coal mine plants operated by prestigious Tata group. TATA has in fact also built a small labor township in this town. Malkera also has very small service sector industry that is largely dominated by local retail shops here. Retail sector’s domination can mainly attributed to absence of service sector oriented companies like Banks, BPOs, IT companies, etc. Thousands of residents of Malkera are employed in number of coal mines operating in and around Dhanbad town. This helps in fueling local economy olf this prat of Jharkhand.

Healthcare Services in Malkera

People of Malkera town have always been dependent on Dhanbad city to fulfill their healthcare needs. This trend is sadly continuing even to this day. This is obviously because of glaring absence of superior healthcare infrastructure, especially hospitals, in the town. One can only sincerely hope that in future at least few well equipped hospitals do come up in Malkera town. Needless to say, local citizens are very desperately waiting for this much needed development to take place. Now coming to basic healthcare services like chemist shops and clinics, then fortunately Malkera town has pretty good number of them. Although again their numbers are not as high as in Dhanbad city, but they are still good enough to handle demands of local patients.

Transportation Services in Malkera

Today one does not have to struggle at all to get an auto rickshaw in Malkera town. This is just another way of saying that today this town has more than decent numbers of auto rickshaws. Local commuters therefore don’t have to worry about not reaching a locality or area on time or reaching any place on short notice. However, local commuters here are still not satisfied and want more auto rickshaws to be added to existing numbers. Malkera town also has small a railway station. Apart from Dhanbad junction though it is not directly connected to any other important cities of Jharkhand state.

Banking Services in Malkera

Banking scenario in the town is not that pleasant. Currently only one or two PSU banks are operating their branches here. Apart from these few banks no other reputed banks are operating their branches in this small town. Although local cooperative banks and small micro finance institutions are operating in decent numbers here, but of course they can’t offer modern banking services that reputed banks can. That said, their role must be still appreciated, as they are helping in facilitating saving habits among locals and also providing them much needed credit.

State Bank of India
Address: Opp DVC Substation, Main Road, Malkera
IFSC Code: SBIN0017823
Phone no: Not available

Safety and Security in Malkera

Although Malkera town does not have a police station, but that hardly makes any difference to local people out here. This is to say that Malkera town is largely a peaceful town and its local people never have to depend on police security to ensure their safety and security. Besides, Malkera region has also been comparatively free from naxal violence, making law and order of this region even more stable. Coming to backing to local police station, then nearest police station Malkera is in neighboring Katras town.

Katras Police Station: (0326) 2372440, 9431706388

Malkera town at a glance

Country: India
State: Jharkhand
District: Dhanbad
Population: Approximately 8,232 (2011 census)
Official Languages: Hindi, Santali
District: Dhandbad

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